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Cranwell Town Information

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The sounds of jet aircraft and the sight of men in RAF uniform are as common as tulips in this part of rural Lincolnshire, which is home to the world’s first-ever training school for fly-boys, the Royal Air Force College.

RAFC Cranwell started as Royal Naval Air Station Daedalus in 1916 to train naval officers to fly BE2C, Sopwith Pup, Maurice Farman, F7, airships and observer kite balloons. The first flight in the UK of an aircraft powered by Frank Whittle's jet engine was at Cranwell on 15 May 1941. One of many Royal Air Force stations in Lincolnshire.

Nearby is the Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre, a small centre providing historical information about the nearby historic airfield. A Jet Provost and the nose of a Vampire Jet are on display. Located to the south of RAF Cranwell and signposted off the A17.
RAFC Cranwell is also the headquarters of the world’s finest formation flying squadron, the indomitable Red Arrows. Red Arrow