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Boston Town Information

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At one time Boston was a major port and Fenland sailors plying their trade in The Wash would take their bearings from the 272ft tower of St Botolph’s Church, also known as ‘The Stump’.

The town’s quays still sing to the sound of small-boat engines.

It was from here in 1630 that a band of Puritans set sail for America to found the town of Boston in Massachusetts.

Boston Marina - Photo: Lincolnshire County Council
Boston Marina - Photo:
Lincolnshire County Council

Maud Foster Windmill. Photo © Christine Hasman
Maud Foster Windmill
Photo: Christine Hasman CCL

Boston has numerous fine old buildings, including the 15th century Guildhall and the 18th century Fydell House, home of the Pilgrim College.

The Maud Foster Windmill stands next to the Maud Foster Drain in Boston.

It is the tallest working windmill in the country, and is unusual in that it has five sails.


It was built in 1819 to grind corn, and flour is still produced by the mill today.