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Ancaster Town Information

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The Romans settled here and traces of their original nine-acre camp can still be found. Artefacts from the site, including coins, are displayed at Grantham Museum.

One famous legacy of the Roman invasion is the road network. Many modern straight roads follow the line of a Roman original.

This is Ermine Street (B6403) near Ancaster (Roman name: Causennae), part of a road which ran originally from Chichester via London and Lincoln to York.

The route of a roman road can vary from a trunk road to a muddy track or disappear completely, as it does a little further north where it lies somewhere under the runways of RAF Waddington.

Ermine Street near Ancaster. Photo © Ian Carrington (CCL)

Ermine Street near Ancaster. Photo © Ian Carrington (CCL)
Photos: Ermine Street near Ancaster.
Photos by: Ian Carrington CCL

During the medieval period Ancaster became famous for its locally-quarried stone, which provided the building material for numerous Lincolnshire churches.

Photo copyright: St Martin's Church    

In Ancaster itself, there is a  Roman Trail through the village.

The 12th century St Martin's Church has decorated Norman arches, an early English font and corbels which illustrate medieval life.

There are also several Nature Reserves.