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Hartington Town Information

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Small is often beautiful and, despite its size, Hartington is an important tourist centre and was a key centre for lead mining from medieval times until the 19th century. It is also one of the few places where Stilton, the ‘king of cheeses’, is made. A local cheese dairy, opened in 1976 by the Duke of Devonshire, made little headway but it was bought some years later by one Thomas Nuttall whose creamery now produces a host of different cheeses, including Dovedale Blue and Buxton Blue. Pilsbury Castle, which sits on a promontory guarding the Dove Valley, is arguably the finest motte and bailey earthwork in Derbyshire.

The Duck Pond at Hartington - Photo © Stephen Elwyn Roddick
The Duck Pond at Hartington - Photo: Stephen Elwyn Roddick CCL