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Peterborough Town Information

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Peterborough Cathedral - Photo © Mark Anderson
Peterborough Cathedral -
Photo: Mark Anderson CCL

A curious mixture of the old and new, the modern heart of the manufacturing and commercial centre of Peterborough is dominated by a magnificent Norman cathedral which sits uneasily amongst tower blocks, factories and retail outlets. The glorious building with its triple-arched west front was constructed on top of an earlier abbey church in the 12th century.

Its predecessor was sacked by an unholy alliance involving Hereward the Wake and a band of Danes. Its high wooden roof is decorated with paintings dating back to the 13th century. Other structures of note include a 17th century Butter Cross, a 13th century tower containing the best preserved examples of English medieval wall paintings and the Church of St John the Baptist, built in the early 15th century with stone taken from Canterbury’s Chapel of St. Thomas.

The city itself has a remarkable and turbulent history. The Romans created the first major settlement here by creating a large fortress but archaeologists have found the remains of a thatched ‘hut’ dating from 3,700BC.