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Buckden Town Information

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Gate house of Buckden Towers (Formerly Bishop's Palace) Photo © Robert Edwards
Gatehouse - Buckden Towers (Bishop's Palace)
Photo: Robert Edwards CCL

This picturesque village was the scene of one of England’s most daring rebellions.

It happened in the 15th century when Henry V111 sent his ex-wife, the Catholic Catherine of Aragon, to live at the local Bishop’s Palace following their contentious divorce.

Her servants were ordered to no longer treat her as the queen, a move which incensed local people.

Armed with simple farming implements they staged a public protest, forcing the king to halt her humiliation.

During the 18th and 19th centuries the village became an important staging post and three coaching inns from the period still survive. Nearby is the great reservoir Grafham Water, a paradise for water-sports enthusiasts and anglers alike.